Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sledge patrol Sirius


The sledge patrol Sirius is an arctic long-range reconnaissance and surveillance unit in the Danish Armed Forces.

The military unit operates in North-and Northeast Greenland, the largest National park in the world.
The area of operations is app. 160000 km², and the stretch of coast covered is app. 16500 km.

The main purposes of the patrol is to claim Danish sovereignty and surveying the vast and empty areas of North- and Northeast Greenland.

The mission is mainly accomplished by dog sledge. A sledge team consist of two patrol men and 11 dogs, which carry out the patrolling task in the area of operations from November to June.
In that period the patrolling sledge teams operates mostly alone and far away from established infrastructure and point of support.

The service is 26 months which are completed continuously in Greenland.

The duties are versatile and varied, which is challenging and demanding, both physically and psychologically.
Before arriving Greenland the men have completed a long and tough selection process, which guarantee that the most able men are selected for the hardships of the service.

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