Wednesday, January 9, 2008

internet again

after living 30 hours with out the internet and the luxury(?) of being a stock broker it finally started working again this afternoon. YES
the weather is still bad here, lots of wind and thick snow and only -3,4 degrees. so we spent another day indoors on our office.

we heard that 4 journalists and photographers will join the winter course here i february. they will stay here for 2 weeks. So more people, more work and more fun...?

now i'm off to make a delicious dinner of pizza and white wine...

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Anonymous said...

I´m sure you ment... after living 30 hours without the internet and the luxury of .....talking to your girlfriend ;) allavega þar sem the stock market er nú ekki í neinum lúxus núna hehe
Kiss kiss
Anna Mjöll