Thursday, January 31, 2008

Scooter trip...

Today we went on a scooter trip to Kap Petersens. this is an old trappers cabin that the Sirius patrol uses as a depot. Our aim was to find sledge team 2 who are enroute to Mestersvig tomorrow. the weather was clear and cold and the fjord and mountains were draped in the most beautiful colours. Red and pink clouds, a blue sky and white jagged peaks of over 2000 metres were surrounding us. ahhhh

15 km from the depot it started blowing a lot and we got low snow drifting. We pushed the throttle and got to the cabin. No sign of the sledge team. We went into the cabin , had a hot brew and some chocolate and drove back home. The operation took a little over 3 hours.

here is a picture of the cabin

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Anonymous said...

Alltaf svo fallegar myndirnar þínar.... eru þið að borða súkkulaðið þeirra? hehe
Elska þig,
Anna Mjöll :)