Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Out of nowhere when I was watching Jack Bauer and "24" I suddenly felt sick. 3 minutes later I was hanging out of the window on the third floor makin sacrifices to the nature...
Hugger first thougt it was the movie I was wathcing but no...

Then i had to go to bed, but only for a short time... i had to make some more sacrifices!
today I feel a lot better ;0)

Yeasterday our internet was down, due to something, somewhere...

we managed to get a water tank i Nyhavn, took out a window in Rødull and cut some pipes and fitted everything into place. thereby doubling the capacity of water in the building, Rødull.

today the weather is foggy and unstable, -18

Stay healthy

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Anonymous said...

hehe þú ert fyndinn (making sacrifices to the nature, þú lætur þetta hljóma rosalega tribal og spennandi)! Vonandi líður þér betur núna elskan mín.
Þín Anna M.