Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 7, war, eskimos, ice and 4 polar-bears

Early this morning we lifted anchor at 0500 hrs and set course for the East side of Clavering Ö. At 0800 hrs we landed with the first boats on Dödemandsbugten (dead mans bay), named after all the dead people here!

There is the remnants of the first HQ of the North East Greenland Sledge patrol during the war. It consists of one main building and the foundations of two others. Two fortifications made of old fuel drums filled with rocks and sand are placed in the area, littered with .50 caliber cartridges. The station was built in 1943 but was moved to Daneborg in 1944.

Many eskimo ruins are in the area, most likely a couple of thousand years old.

Some of our guests saw 2 polar foxes and Dominique got some great shots;0)

At the moment we are sailing south in the pack-ice, trying to reach Nordfjord tonight...
Sailing in the ice we saw many polar-bear tracks on the ice, but now bears. Suddenly during dinner we heard polar-bear on the speaker, so everyone ran away from dinner and desert. The disapointment was big as we could not find the bear again, but a few of the passengers saw it.

Half an hour later the loudspeaker roamed again "Big pola-bear on the pack-ice" everybody ran out again and there it was! Not only one but two, three and four. It was a moder with 3 large cubs, which is very un-normal. Usually a mother bear only get 1-2 cubs and if she get 3, usually they get skinny and die. What a GREAT evening :0)

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