Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 9, Blomsterbugten and Ella Ø

Early this morning we landed at Blomsterbugten. The weather was cloudy for the first time on this trip but there was no wind. We got everyone ashore and after a short talk about the Geology of the area people had the chance to have a look at the old trappers hut, Varghytten (wolf hut). The hut is very small but good enough on a stormy day, for two people. Several of our guests made a small walk further inland so they could get a good overview over Noa Sø, a lake coloured red by the sediments of the surrounding mountains with an age between 600 and 1000 mill yr.

During lunch we sailed slowly towards Ella Ø, passing by fantastic and spectacular Geology of the fjords. Huge ice-bergs were littered in the fjords and some where even grounded.
Getting closer to Ella Ø, we saw smoke from a fire and eventually people. It was the remaining eight members of the Sirius patrol. They had been stationed here for a search and rescue exercise and are to be picked up by a
Danish naval ship in the morning. they were so kind to let us come into the station and have a look around. We made a 45 min walking tour for our guests and the two dogs even tangled along on the first round. in the mean time, five of the Sirius guys went out on the Fram to look at the ship and ended up in the jacuzzi on deck 7!
While we were at Ella Ø, the sun came and we got perfect conditions. During the evening we lifted the anchor and sailed through Narhval sund, southbound for Alpefjord and Mestersvig...

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Hej Bjarki & Anna, I am way behind in reading, looking forward to catching up - sorry - family came from out west last week and we took our folks' ashes to rest in a family plot out east - my sister is still here but leaves on Sunday - I am jealous of your trip!! Will check i again after I have read everything - thanks for the postings!!!