Monday, April 21, 2008

skiing around...

today we finished digging snow aeay from the bridges. Hansi went on a short sledge trip and I went skiing with Devil to Nyhavn. this picture is from there. it's my old house from 1975-78 and a whole lot of snow...
the weather is great
Hansi shot 4 ptarmigans, so we will have fresh meat for dinner...mmmm
Lapstun and Co are moving from Washburns to Nyhavn, due to rising water in Tunnelelv. they will be heading out for a ski trip for the next 14 days, so it would be easier to move their stuff now.


Anonymous said...

Úmg hvað varstu eiginlega lengi að moka þessum snjó í burtu með þessari litlu skóflu! Sæta gamla húsið þitt :)
Kiss kiss
Þín Anna Mjöll

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of when we used to dig out up at Washburns to find 'Putulik' (what we named the outhouse, means 'place with a hole' in Canadian inuktitut. ) First a very deep ditch to the approximate location, then an entrance! But that was later in May, not so much snow. i liked the skiing photo, looked like Hesteskoen in the background. We kept a jeep on the Mine road (about where the telephone table was in 2000) and then used a weasel (old amphibian) to go to the house, or went on ski, until the Minebyen bulldozer could clear our road. But we used to come a little later in May.
Hils Lapstun & co., safe journey to them.

Anonymous said...

Also the bridges story reminds me of the cook(Aage)'s birthday party one year at Flyvepladsen - the river had taken away most of the crossing from the landing strip to the housing, so we all went over on the D-9, in our best birthday clothing. It all looked very different in the '50's. Tunnelelv was in a very different course.
: ) W's