Friday, April 25, 2008

visitors from denmark

yeasterday morning we got a scheduled jet plane from the danish air force. it came from denmark with 8 people. 2 of them from our office in denmark. the others where from the special forces. they were here to see if they could use the facilities for winter and summer training in the future. everything went quite well.

we have some lack of sleep, due to giving weather reports at 02, 03, 04 and 0630 bothe yeasterday and this morning. ahh

the weather was cloudy when the plane arrived and it started snowing a bit. the visibility started to be a bit bad, with white out. after a presentation and lunch the plane flew to iceland and stayed there over night.
we had a good evening with lots of good food and some red wine!
after breakfast at 07 we waited for the plane. the weather was bad,with poor visibility and white out conditions. the pilots managed the job very well and gt the plane down on the runway.
there after they took off for denmark with refueling on iceland.
we got 3 cm of snow this night, so tomorrow we will have to clear the runway again...
i got a nap in my bed most of the day...

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