Saturday, April 19, 2008


today it feels like the midnight sun is here. it's 22.28 and still day light. the sun is behind the mountains and it's all so quiet. the midnight sun will be here on the 9th of May. to day the sun set at 2225 and will rise at 0430. most of that time I will be asleep...

we tried to get the bulldozer to run, but noo. after fixing and mending for some hours we gave up. the little starter engine is quite sick, so now we have 15 tons of iron and steel in our garage instead of a formiddable snow plow!

we took out the tractor and the pisten bully and continued our work of removing snow from the bridges, so that the water can run freely below the bridge when it all starts melting. a few more hours and we will have cleared the first out of two bridges.

have a nice night

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