Monday, April 14, 2008

spring is not coming...

today spring just stopped on coming... it was -27 and cold. we choose the wrong day to start the bulldozer. it has been frozen down since the summer. 15 tons of iron is quite cold!!!
we tried heating it up with stoves, electrical heaters and our air plane heater. the air plane heater wasn't working as it should be and the rest of our heating systems didn't give much.

while the heaters where on, we drove out to Hamna to see if the expedition had their papers in order. we stayed there for 4 hours talking to the people and enjoying the sun. the have 5 sledges and were 10 people.
when we came back home our neighbours from washburns had arrieved. they helped us look at the dozer and together we got the starting engine going, but for some reasone we havn't found out yet... it stopped working. probably something with the flow of fuel???
after dinner together they went up to washburns, and I'm off to sleep...


Land Washburn said...

Warm greetings, Bjarki Friis!

Perhaps you will allow my two sisters (Nuna and Sila) and me to join your "neighbors from Washburnshus"?

Dinner will have to wait a while, but we'll work on it!

In July 2000 my two sisters and I had the great good fortune to return to Mvig after 40 years for a 10 day stay. We joined Naja Mikkelsen, her dad Aksel and her two kids Astrid and Bjorn for a survey of my Father's reserch sites in the area. Now we know (have known) 3 generations of Mikkelsens!

Last year both my Mother and my Father died at 96 years of age. They were very much in love with each other, and just as much in love with Mesters Vig! And so are we.

I have just now discovered your blog - We will follow along as you post your news. I see you plan to study in Iceland - another of my favorite places - we have good friends there.

Best regards -

Land Washburn

Land Washburn said...

Eh - a mistake - make that 4 generations of Mikkelsens (I'm too old to count correctly, I guess) - we knew Miki and Anna Mikkelsen also -

Anonymous said...

Hej Bjarki og alle - hilsen fra familien Washburn, de yngere glæder os, at der er nu igen folk i vores 'washburnshus' (som vi kalder det, "Det Lille Røde Hus,") og vi håber, I har det ret hyggeligt deroppe. Min bror har lige 'discovered 'bjarki-sirius' og nu føler vi lidt 'hjemme' igen...

Nuna (Washburn)

Anonymous said...

hello bjarki ! what a delight to hear news of my favorite place on earth! i am so glad you have the opportunity to appreciate it is so precious. please throw a kiss to the wind for me so it will blow all around and make the mountains feel warm and happy. take good care and know that you are in our thoughts as mestersvig is in our hearts. kaempe thanks ! sila