Wednesday, June 18, 2008

digging in the river...

today the water in the river, tried to destroy more of our road. thus we had to bring our 2 Hydrema into the river and try to put up a wall in the water. it wasn´t that easy as a bulldozer would have done the job much better.  the wall we put up will protect a small part of the road for now, but we just moved the problem further downstream... arg!!!
after lunch Hansi welded some more fuel drums together, so we can use it for the water to run in under the road.
I dragged a net after the Hydrema to even out the road. then I used a 5 ton packer to flatten out the road.
yeasterday we went to the water lake to get water for the tower. almost 80 cm of the floor is covered by water...but there is nothing we can do about it!

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