Sunday, June 1, 2008

global warming and more

on the 29th our neighbours, Hans, Per and Phillipe left us. the were going back to mainstream life in the city... it has been a good time with a lot of fun together with them.

the 29th was also the day when the runway started to melt. the twin otter landed with a splash in the 5-10 cm of snow and slush, but no problems. since then we have seen differences on the snow covere every day. today the runway is 95% clear of snow, but there is still more than 1 meter of snow in the terrain.

the river has started to move slowly, so it is just a matter of time before we see it down at the station. i guess that in 2-3 weeks most of the snow will be gone!

on the 30th of may i had my 34th birthday. it was also my 4th birthday in greenland. next year will be in an other country!

hansi made us some good food and a delicious desert.

on the 31th of may hansi had his 31th birthday and it was my turn to be the chef:0)

the dogs has gotten so much seal meat and fat that they are completely soaked in it and very very dirty. i dare not show them if someone would come by. hehe

have a nice and warm summer. we had +9,2 degrees today.

i put out some more pictures

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