Sunday, June 29, 2008

finished the road work...

yeasterday and today we were working on the road and the river. one was in the bulldozer and the other one in the hydrema. during the last 4 days we have been changing vehicle every day.
yeasterday it was nice and sunny. we got most of the road fillings done, but got a minor problem.
the bulldozer ran out of fuel, and the tank is 507 litres! UMG. so we had to go to the station and get 2 barrels of fuel and some new batteries. then we had to figure out how to air the engine so that it would start. as if not one problem was enough the starter wasn't eager to start. after a few hours we solved the problem and got the CAT up and running.

today it was raining. we strengthened the dam and moved some more gravel up along the road and collected trash and old barrels in the delta. it had been flushed out in the open by the flooding river.
today we finished the reconstruction of the road. what we need to do in the near future is to rake the road and pack it, then we might have to use the grader on it so smoothen out the surface...

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