Thursday, June 12, 2008

Stuck in the river with Pisten Bully

Today was a busy day, digging all day long.
we had to remove a lot of slush ice which was blocking the bridge.
then i decided to take pisten bully for a spin on the river. i was removing snow from the other bridge, the one with out water! i thought!
suddenly the nose of pisten got stuck in a mixture of slush and water. i had to get Hansi to help me with the hydrema. we gathered a lot of straps and parked the hydrema on land app. 100 metres from pisten. Hansi tried to pull while i was trying to back up. the only thing that happende was that the straps broke, twice. so now we had to get creative if we wanted the thing out of the river before the water came any closer.
we found some 4x4 wood and a woodden plate and put it behind the pisten. then we backed the belts thereby pulling the wood underneath the pisten. hansi then pulled with the hydrema as i backed up, suddenly we got it moving and got out of the river. we cheared alot and went for lunch.
after lunch we dugg some more untill, 1600 when we went for a run with the dogs...
enjoy the new pictures...and don't do this at home!

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