Monday, September 21, 2009

cloneing in Greenland

due to a busy day at the office, i had to clone myselves. thereby being more effective in my work;0)
the wonders what you can do about lasso-tools and photoshop...

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Anonymous said...

hej Bjarki(s) keep up the good work! Glad to see the muskoxen - once the guys were out at work in MV Fjord, and our mother was demonstrating to the three of us how Tarzan used to make his call - we were camping at Myggesø - up over the hill came a lonely muskox! Also there was an old bull one year that followed the guys every day on their field trips until finally another lone 'old man' came, and they went off together. I like to spin the quiviut, very warm stuff. Good luck with the floors, enjoy the last weeks in paradise!