Sunday, September 6, 2009

a new week...

the first week here has been quite good, working a lot, trying to finish all outdoor activities before winter sets. temperature has dropped from around + 5 to zero. most of the time we have had calm weather and sun, but the last 2 days have been foggy.
we have moved a fuel tank behind the cantina and to the front, putting up new fuel pipes, cleaning up in different houses and garages, walking with our 3 dogs, basically getting the station ready for winter.

to day a dutch ship hailed us on the VHF and asked us if we wanted to come onboard. we got coffee and lunch and now they are coming here on the station for a social visit...
the boat is a one masted steel boat of 67 feet. onboard are one british, two norwegian and the rest are dutch. one of the norwegians even know who my father is. what a small world this is.

i was just on the radio with a russian cruise boat trying to "escape" our sharp ears and eyes, on his way out of the fjord..

pictures out there too

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Anonymous said...

Hej Bjarki, enjoying the pictures and stories - even seeing the details of the tundra at your feet in the photo of you brings back good memories. The fire photo reminds me of Sankt Hans in the 'old days.' Only three dogs, seems like not enough, there should be at least a team! The river certainly has gone back to it's old bed, it looks as though it is trying to remove the end of the strip. Glad you are 'home' again. What is the status of MV now?