Friday, September 18, 2009

winter wonder land

this is not today, but two days ago. if you want to see today you have to look at my pictures;0)

today it's snowing again, we probably got another 10 cm, so we had to clear some of the roads of snow with the snow plow. a bit early...

i fixed a broken door in the cafeteria and raymund finished the 3 fllors we have been working on this week. all that is left i painting them with an epoxy paint...

have a very nice week-end:0)
maybe i will try my skis???

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Anonymous said...

hej Bjarki, some really nice photos, makes me 'home'sick...! I hope you will someday publish a Mestersvig book so that we can buy it! (Do you have Lassen's 'Blyminen i Mestersvig'?) You need to give PS-M some competition! Hope you have a few fine tours in the neighborhood before you have to return to your other world.