Monday, September 28, 2009

internet working again! tried out my skis

After having some days without internet, due to all kind of technicl problems with the equipment, we finally managed to repare it today:0)
for some days now we have had a lot of wind and another 10 cm of snow. this is looking good...
inbetween some bad weather there was a oppen window of good weather, so i managed to go out skiing. it's still some rocks under the snow, but it's getting much better. the picture is from Saturday.
we still don't have any ice in the fjord, which gives us all this warm weather. we had temp. between -9 and +5. today we are at +1!
i put some more pictures on my page;0)

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Anonymous said...

Hej Bjarki, you KNOW it was all those clones who took out your internet!

Hope you have some more good skiing.