Tuesday, September 1, 2009

leaving iceland

this is my plane in akureyri in northern iceland early yeasterday morning. i left reykjavik the same morning saying goodbye to my cute girlfriend, anna for seven weeks.
the trip with the twin otter took 2 hr 15 min to constable point in greenland and then an other 40 min to mestersvig where i will be staying until october 21st.

after arriving in mestersvig we got a visiting danish warship. we had to load the ship with more than 1 ton of flour and spare parts, all of it going to daneborg, head quarter of sirius.
after dinner onboard the ship we showed the crew the station and then we drove them back to the harbour.

today we had 9 visitors from daneborg in a twin otter, it was people from the office and the greenland command on their way back home. after showing them the station a c-130 from the danish airforce picked them up. the brought a new jeep as the old one was completely defect and brought the wreck back home.

after another twin otter that had to be loaded with 250 kg of goods we could finally relax and have some lunch...

the weather has been very good, sun, snow on the mountain tops and +5 degrees!

there are more pictures out there!!!


Anonymous said...

:D hí hí

Anonymous said...

Hej Mestersvig!!!! Tak for billeder, vi glæder os at du er 'hjemme' igen! Hils det Lille Røde Hus/Camp Tahoe, og folk på stationen. Washburns